Give your voice

Society is more divided than ever.  Use your voice to share positive stories of your own giving – time, resources, or skills, to share what’s important to you when giving, or to share where you give and why.

Give a gift

Use #GivingTuesdaySA as the day you give financially to a cause that is meaningful to you.  You can find a list of verified causes or campaigns on Payfast, ForGood, Backabuddy, or GivenGain. Share with your friends, family, and networks about where you gave and why.  We all share a lot of our lives these days, so why not apply the same share tactics to your giving philosophy.  Highlight the causes that mean something to you.  Give them appreciation and celebrate them.

Give your time or skills

All non-profits can use help, it is often a matter of matching what you can provide with what non-profits need.  Think thoughtfully about what you have to give time wise and try your best to match it.  Email us if you are interested in giving your time, but unsure of how or where.  We know lots of great organizations nationwide that would be eager to host you.

Fundraise for a cause that is special to you

Use your social network to raise money on #GivingTuesdaySA.  Both Backabuddy and GivenGain make it quite easy to crowd fund via your own platforms, and to encourage others to also get involved.  This is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated ways to give according to non-profits.  Read more about how to crowdfund for #GivingTuesday here with Backabuddy or here with GivenGain.

More ideas from our global counterparts

#GivingTuesday is a global phenomenon as are most of our social networks.  Share your #GivingTuesdaySA contributions and join the global conversation. See more ideas here for individuals to get involved.