Run a #GivingTuesday campaign with GivenGain or Backabuddy

One of the highlights of #GivingTuesday is the ability to use your individual champions as fundraisers.  Divide and conquer, as they say.  Visit GivenGain or Backabuddy for more details about how to get involved.  Email us and we can share best practices and advice for launching a campaign as well.

Participate in a #GivingTuesday activation

Just like Mandela Day, we are encouraging non-profits to host their champions on #GivingTuesday.  We all know 67 minutes is not enough, so let’s offer another nationwide day to celebrate non-profits contribution to society at large.  Come up with an idea for #GivingTuesday and invite stakeholders to join you for the day.  You can even use ForGood as a platform for virtual volunteering.

Host a virtual livestream

One of the highlights of #GivingTuesday is the ability to garner support in new and innovative ways.  Visit GivenGain for more details about how to run a cooking class, put on a concert, or do other “live events” for your beneficiaries.